What is the process for changing the date or time of my move with a moving company?

Contact your moving company as soon as possible if you need to change the date of the move. Contact your moving coordinator to let them know about the change in plans and the next steps to take. If you want to change the date of your move, you must let us know at least 5 business days before the original moving date. This gives you enough time to organize your belongings and for our carriers to properly prepare for your move.

Remember that if you reschedule your move at least 5 business days in advance, there will be no fee for rescheduling the move. What you should do will depend on the delay you expect. A day or two late, you can pick up a hotel room and send your things in advance as planned. However, a week or more of delay will mean that you'll have to make very different plans.

Delay professional moves and keep your things (free) in the house until buyers are ready to close. If you've carefully planned the date and time of the move, you'll have more time to do what it takes to make the moving process smooth and smooth. According to the tariff provisions applicable to storage in transit, the fact that the moving company does not notify you or refuses to let you know will automatically increase the liability of the moving company until the end of the day following the date the moving company gives you the notice. However, when the moving company notifies you of other delivery dates, it is your responsibility to be available to accept delivery on the specified dates.

Carefully planning your moving schedule will allow you enough time to get your belongings in order and prepare for the move. The moving company may limit its liability to the agreed delivery date or to the first day of the delivery period, as specified in the bill of lading. Moving trucks often arrive later than the owners, as they travel slowly along truck routes at high speed. If you're not available and you're not willing to accept delivery, the moving company has the right to store the shipment on your own or to hold it in their truck and charge you additional fees.

If the moving company keeps your household items stored in transit for less than 10 days, the moving company must notify you, one day before the transit storage period expires, with the same information specified above. If you don't want to or can't accept delivery on the date agreed on the bill of lading, the moving company has the right to store the shipment on your own. The moving company must deliver the shipment on the agreed delivery date or within the time specified in the bill of lading. Before you agree with the moving company to transport your shipment, find out what payment you can expect if the moving company delays the service because of its own fault.

If the moving company uses this option, the moving company must immediately notify you of the name and address of the warehouse where it deposits the shipment. If everything goes according to your long-distance moving plan, you'll soon have to hang up your clothes in the new house.

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