Do i need to provide any supplies or equipment for the movers to use?

Moving boxes & Packing materials If you're hiring moving help to pack your house, you'll most likely need boxes and materials. Whether you provide your own materials, provide them to us, or purchase them online, it's important to note that they're not included in our labor prices. In addition to our strong and highly trained crew, there's a reason why you'll want to hire a professional for your move. The truck you lent to a friend simply doesn't come with all the equipment you need to get your move done right.

This basic rolling platform is lightweight. The essential moving supply is first on the list when a move is needed. It makes loading and unloading boxes, furniture and bulky items much faster. Commonly used when moving with a long walk or with an elevator, the crew can fill containers or boxes with boxes and small parts and then transport the cargo on a 4-wheeled rolling platform.

This allows the crew to move more items than they can carry and minimizes the amount of trips needed. This is one of the most ingenious moving supplies, and while it's basic in nature, it provides tremendous capacity and flexibility. This more specific rolling platform allows the crew to easily transport large and heavy appliances, such as refrigerators and stoves, faster and safer. Do you have stairs or a step leading to your door? The crew can install a small ramp above the stairs, allowing them to use rolling platforms.

Of course, the crew also always installs a ramp that leads to the truck to ensure a calm position while the crew is transporting their belongings. Some trucks come equipped with a pallet truck, which is used to move only the heaviest items to the truck, such as a safe or small machinery. This equipment is used to transport a piano safely. The end and the table support the piano.

The board also has slots for straps to keep the piano secure and handles to help carry the part. When customers need us to disassemble furniture such as beds, dining tables and more, our team is prepared with a set of tools to ensure that basic assembly and disassembly is done. These tools, one of the most important moving supplies we have, allow us to address any complexity we encounter in your move. More moving tips in our moving resource center Learn about our lifting services & crane How to move appliances & special furniture.

The first and most important thing is that you will need boxes and piles. Buy boxes at Home Depot, Lowe's or your local moving company. If inclement weather is a factor, make sure your boxes have lids to keep their contents clean and dry. Cardboard moving boxes are standard, but some moving companies have plastic moving tubs that can be rented.

Consider the sizes of the items you are going to pack and select the boxes accordingly. When in doubt, don't pack the boxes too much, as they are cumbersome to transport and could damage your personal belongings. Buy moving boxes of different sizes, small, medium, large and extra large, to avoid this problem. Unfortunately, there's no master formula for calculating how many boxes you'll need.

You can make an estimate, but you'll most likely have to make a few trips to the store. A general rule of thumb is 70 to 150 boxes for a standard three-bedroom residence. Standard packing tape is essential for sealing boxes, especially when using long-distance moving companies, so that they remain closed until they reach their final destination. It's not a bad idea to have a tape dispenser for every member of the family.

To move heavier boxes, reinforce with adhesive tape for added support. When you start unpacking, you'll appreciate having a box cutter to cut precise, sharp edges. When using a box cutter, make sure the blade is sharp and proceed with caution. Elastic wrap protects cabinet doors and drawers and other furniture.

Better yet, it sticks to itself, leaving no sticky ruminant residue. Create a unique labeling system based on your personal preferences, whether numbers, letters, colors or by room, so you can identify the contents of each box. Apply labels to the top and both sides of each box, making sure the label is legible on at least one side. Every good labeling system is complete with permanent markers.

Expect inclement weather beforehand on the day of the move; prevention is better than cure. Writing on boxes with waterproof markers protects against rain and stains. There is a misconception that newspapers can replace packaging paper. However, printed newsprint can stain your precious possessions with ink.

Wrapping paper can be purchased at Lowe's, Home Depot, or at your local packaging supply store. Use wrapping paper to fill boxes and wrap fragile items. Bubble wrap cushions the bottom of boxes and wraps up fragile items. Buy a big roll or two, you'll need it.

Smaller sheets can be cut from a larger roll. For greater cushioning, foam sheets can serve as an alternative to bubble wrap. While you can open boxes with scissors, we recommend keeping a box cutter handy. Use scissors to cut wrapping paper, bubble wrap, and packing tape.

Make sure your scissors are sharp to avoid injury. After loading all the boxes and furniture into the moving truck, everything must be secured with bungee cords. Otherwise, objects will roll up everywhere in total chaos and leave damage in their wake. Instead of bungee cords, load straps or rope will do the job.

Usually, moving companies will have boxes available for a fee or as part of their services. When booking your move, be sure to confirm with your moving company which boxes are included and which are not. When moving day comes, you'll focus on the task at hand, not on collecting packing supplies. Without the best moving supplies, your move can take a long time and be more difficult than it needs to be.

Moving can be a stressful experience, but having the right professionals and supplies on hand can ease the burden. Moving companies know how to safely and securely pack homes with the right equipment, such as wrapping paper, bubble wrap, padded moving blankets, duct tape, and tape dispensers. Piece of Cake Moving & Storage is fully prepared to help you move from start to finish, including moving supplies. Professional moving companies know how to use supplies to keep their items safe for the long term.

Moving professionals use them to wrap sofas, chairs and other furniture to prevent scratches. .

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