Trinidad Commuter Co-op Potluck

A group of Trinidad residents are organizing a commuter co-op. It can be hard on the planet and pocketbooks to commute to Humboldt's mircopolitan centers from Trinidad, but sharing rides can help.

They're kicking things off with a potluck:

The Greater Westhaven/Trinidad Commuter Co-op Pot-luck Dinner

Thursday September 13, 6:00-8:00 p.m.
Westhaven Center for the Arts (WCA) 501 S. Westhaven Dr.


Carpool / ridematch on Facebook

Hey all you social networking Facebook people!

There's a new Facebook application for organizing rideshare.  I'm pretty sure it's a tool that allows you to organize rideshares with friends, friends-of-friends, etc.

Naturally, it's been included n the Rideshare page here on the Green Wheels website, but you can go directly to FaceReviews for a bit more info.

Planes, trains and automobiles... and helicopters – March 21, 2007

What’s the best way to get somewhere? I went on trip a couple weeks ago where I had the opportunity to research this question. I traveled by car, bus, train, plane, SUV, van and helicopter.

So which was the best? I guess that depends on your criteria. Comfort, speed, and convenience come into play. Since so much of our impact on the environment comes from transportation, I was curious about the gas mileage per person for each mode.

A heretic in the land of the exalted hybrid – March 20, 2007

Transportation is responsible for 45 percent of Arcata’s greenhouse gas emissions1. This is an issue where each person’s actions are what could really make the difference. In eco-groovy Humboldt County and other liberal enclaves, many folks have taken to buying hybrid cars so they can feel like they are doing something good for the environment. There is good sentiment here, but a big problem. Hybrids aren’t all that great for the environment.


Slugging - spontaneous ride sharing helps business people commute to work in some eastern cities. Read Spontaneous ride-sharing in the Burlington Free Press, or check out "About Slugging" on slug-lines.com, an entire website devoted to slugging, including messageboards, etiquette and rules, poems, and listservers.
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