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Broadway Safety Audit Complete

A collaborative effort between the Federal Highway Administration, Caltrans and stakeholders including Green Wheels is now complete and should provide some ideas for how to improve bike and pedestrian safety on Broadway, one of the most dangerous roads for pedestrians in Humboldt County.  Some of the ideas generated from this plan include addition of midblock crossings, sidewalk improvements and addition of bicycle facilities.  This study should inform future work Caltrans does on this facility.

Green Wheels Bike Valet Rocks Los Bagels!

Green Wheels Bike Valet Service for Los Bagels' 25th Anniversary Party graces the pages of this morning's Times-Standard!  Thanks to all our volunteers for helping out and to Los Bagels for including us in such a fun event!

If you didn't get a chance to enjoy the bike valet service this past weekend, there is another opportunity in less than two weeks (April 17th) - our 2nd Annual Green Wheels Gala! RSVP at 633-4488 to make sure you get a seat!

Kick-but volunteers from left to right: Matt Schiff, Tommy Viducich, Kevin Wright, Jay Wright and Sara Dykman.

BRT and Bikes, a Balanced Transportation Combo for Diffuse Land Use

Yeah, this is in L.A., but in some ways we face similar challenges of having lower densities that make first class transit a bigger challenge to provide.  Besides, it seems better to put some of this type of stuff in place before our freeways grow any more monstrous and congested, rather than after, as L.A. has done.

Draft Housing Allocation Dumps Sprawl on the County

At its board meeting last Thursday, Humboldt County Association of Governments (HCAOG) staff released a draft housing needs plan that allocates over half the housing to the unincorporated portions of Humboldt County over the wishes of many of the participants in the January meeting intended to inform the draft. The draft was released in hardcopy form at the meeting, rather than several days before so the Board and public could review it and has yet to be posted on the HCAOG website, although we have posted it here.

The plan allocates 2,505 housing units, 52.8% of Humboldt County’s state-mandated housing share, to the unincorporated county, a quantity of development which could cause continued sprawl impacts, such as conversion of agricultural and timberlands to residential development, increased traffic, and reduced access to infrastructure such as sidewalks and municipal sewage disposal.

Spring 2009 Community Wheel!

The new Wheel is up as a pdf, and will be out in newstands this week.  This issue focuses on our economy, and how improved transportation choices could contribute to economic betterment.  You can see this and past issues here in pdf format.  Html version of the articles from this issue will be available soon.

During the production of this issue, I was particularly moved that so many people stepped up to contribute articles, editing assistance, photography, time in recruiting advertisers and advertising dollars to pay for our printing costs.  Special thanks to Raymond Lombardi for his great work in laying out this edition, and doing a great job keeping the advertisers coming in, to Oona Smith for her editing and making up for my lack of editing skills, to Matt Schiff for coming through with some critical photos at the last minute, and to everyone else who pitched in to make this publication happen.

Los Bagel's Birthday Bash!

Los Bagels 25th Anniversary is a family friendly event with games and activities for kids and free valet bike parking. Sunday afternoon, April 5th at the Arcata Community Center from 4-10 pm. Tickets on sale now, dinner and dancing with Ponche! $15 for Adults $10 for kids 4-11 years old. This event benefits Green Wheels, Planned Parenthood and Humboldt Baykeeper. Call Green Wheels to purchase your tickets. 707-633-4488

Bike trails for New Zealand: a government effort to create jobs

"Pedal Power May Help New Zealand Lure Tourists, Revive Economy", states the headline of a March 24 Bloomberg article.

"In a bid to boost employment and tourism, Prime Minister John Key is promoting a bike path winding about 3,000 kilometers (1,865 miles) that he says would generate 4,000 jobs during construction and entice cyclists to tour the country."

A modern day CCC project?

Seed Exchange Ride, Saturday, 10:30 am

Join us for a bike ride to the Seed Exchange in Manila this Saturday.  We'll meet at 10:30 am at the Arcata Co-op.  This is a great opportunity to kick start your summer garden, your riding legs and your participation in the many upcoming Green Wheels eventsDetails for this ride and other upcoming events are on the calendar.

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